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So I’m Anushka and I’m SIXTEEN! I live in Lucknow with my family. I’m not a professional writer and I’ll be writing all my blogs in an informal language and tone…. I’m really thrilled to share my stories or we could say our stories(yeah definitely our here is for girlsšŸ˜‚) with everyone. These stories are about teenage life and teen crisis. Do like, share and comment… Enjoy Readingā¤ļø

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  1. A Real Start
  2. Friendshi(t)
  3. LOVE : Part-I
  4. LOVE : Part-II
  5. WOMEN Need To Be Heard & MEN Need To Be Taught- PART I
  6. WOMEN Need To Be Heard & MEN Need To Be Taught- PART II
  7. TEEN- Myth Busters…Chapter 1: Hookah
  8. TEEN- Myth Busters…Chapter:2 More protein for Muscles, Less Fat for Thin Body

  • TEEN- Myth Busters
    Chapter:2 More protein for Muscles, Less Fat for Thin Body PROTEIN Many of you might’ve heard about Protein powders for muscles and some of you might be taking these powders. Spending money on such things is totally useless and these things can cause serious health problems. Whey protein can affect the functioning of your kidney because of overburdening. If someone consumes whey protein without exercising daily, he/she can suffer from serious liver damage. Excess intake of any nutrient can cause harm more than benefits. If someone is suffering from deficiency of protein he/she should take Protein from natural sources notContinue reading “TEEN- Myth Busters”
  • TEEN- Myth Busters
    Chapter 1- Hookah “Hey buddy there’s nothing to worry about smoking hookah. It is not a cigarette bro, it is flavoured.” I think many of you have heard this and may have followed these words but believe me smoking hookah can be more dangerous than smoking cigarettes. Everyone says that it is just flavoured water or milk but no one says or even thinks about the coal in it. A small piece of coal is enough to make a healthy person dead! I will tell you how. We all know that coal burns in oxygen to give carbon dioxide butContinue reading “TEEN- Myth Busters”
  • WOMEN Need To Be Heard & MEN Need To Be Taught- PART II
    If you haven’t read the first part ….do check it on my blog page…Teenage Diaries. DOMESTIC ABUSE! How can a man think that he is the one…he is the one above all women?How can Beating, harassing or sexually assaulting a woman can make him a man? I think a man should be a human first, should think about the ways to protect others from these kinda things. Beating his wife or killing his own daughter doesn’t make him a man. This makes him a culprit. A woman keeps herself quiet just to save her family, just to bind everyone togetherContinue reading “WOMEN Need To Be Heard & MEN Need To Be Taught- PART II”
  • WOMEN Need To Be Heard & MEN Need To Be Taught- PART I
    A Woman, who bears the hardest of all pains just to give birth, who sacrifices her whole life for her family. She is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife. But why do people forget that every woman is a human first. Being a girl is not a child’s play in this society. Many people can say that they treat girls and boys equally but reality is kinda different and sad. Even some women don’t treat girls and boys equally then how can we expect this to happen in reality. This big difference between women and men is majorlyContinue reading “WOMEN Need To Be Heard & MEN Need To Be Taught- PART I”
  • LOVE : Part-II
    “I love you to the moon and the stars.” ” I’ll love you all my life through the scars.” As I’ve said before love can not be described but it can be felt, so hard and so deep. And loving someone is not easy, infact it is very complicated. Sometimes you have to break yourself to fix your partner’s soul and Sometimes your partner breaks you. And you let that happen because your love is true but you are never sure if your partner loves you faithfully. But in this journey of life and death we can find someone whoContinue reading “LOVE : Part-II”
  • LOVE : Part-I
    ‘LOVE’, a very powerful yet undefined word. Love is something which everyone feels for someone in their life. But there is a very wrong perception of love in the minds of people these days. I bet 90 percent of all the people reading this would’ve thought that- “she’s gonna talk about her boyfriend.” But no, I’m gonna talk about my love for a girl. The girl, whom I thought was my sister, whom I loved more than anyone, I don’t know why but I did. People fall in love without even knowing that there is no one to catch them.Continue reading “LOVE : Part-I”
    Sometimes I wonder, how life would be without any companions or friendsā€¦.so distressed, dejected and sorrowful I guess. But life could be distressed and sorrowful if you are having friendsā€¦.particularly FAKE FRIENDS. Well I am quite unlucky with this friendship thing. I never really had real friends except for one or two and my life was full of drama. Iā€™m a person who truly hates liers. And this is one of the major reasons WHY I DONā€™T HAVE ANY FRIENDS! There was a time when I had plenty of friends they all thought of me as a good person andContinue reading “FRIENDSHI(T)”
    So I was nearly thirteen when I got here, into a new school, starting a fresh life, trying to be better and living a great life. Bullshit! All these things are bullshit. The school was very welcoming, like on the first day of school in the first period there was no bench for me to sit so someone fetched a bench from another class and kept it between two rows …given a unique place. Then in the same period I found a student shouting on a teacher and the teacher was listening silently like what was that I DON’T KNOW!Continue reading “A REAL START”